CTF-11: Cellular Glass/Cement Board

CTF-11 is a hybrid system consisting of a tapered/ flat CTF-10 (cellular glass) board with a flat CTF-FS1 (cement board) board overlay, used in warm and inverted roof applications to create drainage falls (from 1:240 – 1:40) under any fully bonded suitable waterproofing system. The product’s robust environmental credentials, very high compressive strength and dimensional stability make this product ideal in a variety of applications.




  • A1 non-combustible
  • Very high compressive strength (*load spreading)
  • Unlimited tapered falls


Technical Data


CTF-10 Tapered/Flat
Reaction to fire A1 EN 13501-1
Thermal conductivity @ 10%c 0.036 W/m²K EN 10456
Density +/-10% 100kg/m³ EN 1602
Compressive @10% deformation 500kpa EN 826
Compressive creep CC (1.5/1/50) 225 EN 1606
Length 600mm – 1200mm +/-5mm EN 823
Width 450mm – 600mm +/- 2mm EN 823
Thickness 30mm – 200mm +/- 2mm EN 8223
Vapour resistance µ = ∞ EN 10456
Hygroscopicity Xero
CTF-FS1 Flat
Reaction to fire Euroclass rating A1 EN 13501
Thermal conductivity 6-10mm 0.244W/m²K EN 12667
Density @10%c 1300kg/m³ EN 12667
Vapour permeability Pass EN 12667
General board size 1200mm 600mm EN 13165
1200mm 2400mm EN 13165
Board thickness 6mm-10mm EN 13165
Heat resistance Pass EN 12467
Water absorption <35% EN 12467
Freeze / thaw resistance Pass EN 12467


  • Warm roofs (including green, blue & brown) 
  • Mechanically fixed and fully bonded