CTF-Amagel: Aerogel

CTF-Amagel is a flat insulation panel, composed of a flexible insulating matrix of glass fibres and a high concentration of nano porous silica airgel. CTF-Amagel when used in conjunction with other insulation products can be used in both warm and inverted roof applications with any suitable waterproofing system. The CTF-Amagel panel can also be incorporated into flooring and wall applications. Subject to design, CTF-Amagel’s extremely low thermal conductivity makes this product ideal for these applications.




  • A2 non-combustible
  • Versatile
  • Good thermal performance
  • Ease handling and installation
Technical Data


Thermal conductivity Aged 0.016W/m²K EN 13162
Density 190Kg/m³ EN 1602
Vapour diffusion resistance Hydrophobic 0.07m EN 12667
Length From 1450mm ETA 20/0562
Width  From 750mm ETA 20/0562
Thickness From  10mm ETA 20/0562
Resistance to chemicals Excellent ETA 20/0562
Reaction to fire A2-s1,d0 Non-combustible EN 13501


  • Warm roofs (including green, blue & brown) 
  • Inverted roofs (including green, blue & brown) 
  • Mechanically fixed and fully bonded

(*when used in an insulation system)