CTF-FS1: Cement Board

CTF-FS1 is a non-combustible, reinforced cement particle board, used as an overlay to other CTF insulation systems in warm and inverted roof applications to provide an extremely robust, load bearing surface for fully bonded, mechanically fixed and ballasted waterproofing systems.




  • A1 non-combustible 
  • Very high compressive strength 
  • Standard stock item available 


Technical Data


Reaction to fire Euroclass rating A1 EN 13501
Thermal conductivity @10%c 0.244W/m²K EN 12667
Density 1300kg/m³ EN 12667
Vapour permeability Pass EN 12667
General board size 1200mm 600mm EN 13165
1200mm 2400mm EN 13165
Board thickness 6mm-10mm EN 13165
Heat resistance Pass EN 12467
Water absorption <35% EN 12467
Freeze / thaw resistance Pass EN 12467


  • Warm roofs (including green, blue & brown) 
  • Inverted roofs (including green, blue & brown) 
  • Mechanically fixed and fully bonded