CTF-UB1: Stone Wool/Cement Upstand

CTF-UB1 is an upstand board for use in inverted roof applications to prevent cold bridging.  The CTF-UB1 consists of flat CTF-05 (stone wool) board laminated to a flat CTF-FS1 (cement), providing an A2 non-combustible product to comply with building regulations.




  • A2 non-combustible 
  • Standard stock item available 
  • Alternate coloured finishes available


Technical Data


CTF-05 Flat
Reaction to fire A1 EN 13501-1
Thermal conductivity @10%c 0.037W/m²K EN 12667
Compressive @10% deformation 30kpa EN 826
Tensile Perpendicular to face 15kpa EN 1607
Length 1200mm +/-2% EN 822
Width 600mm +/- 1.5% EN 822
Thickness 50mm T5 EN 823
Vapour transmission MU1 EN 12086
Water absorption ≤3gm/m² max NP EN 12087
CTF Factory Adhesive
(Tensor grip L17 applied @ 16gm/m² A2-s1,d0 reaction to fire classification)
Reaction to fire A2 EN 13501-1
CTF-FS1 Flat
Reaction to fire Euro class rating A1 EN 13501
Thermal conductivity 6mm 0.244W/m²K EN 12667
Density @10%c 1300kg/m³ EN 12467
Vapour permeability Pass EN 12467
Board size 1200mm 600mm EN 13165
Board thickness 6m Pass EN 13165
Heat resistance <35% EN 12467
Water absorption Pass EN 12467
Freeze / thaw resistance EN 12467


  • Exposed upstands for inverted roofs
  • Mechanically fixed