About Us

CTF Insulation is a leading, independent, tapered insulation design and supply company. Our attention to detail and innovative, unrivalled technical expertise position us as the specialists of choice throughout the construction industry. 

CTF Insulation began as a small design only service but has quickly grown to it’s prominent position in the tapered insulation design and supply industry. With our unique and advanced insulation systems, we can offer solutions to all roofing insulation requirements through our vast product range. 

Our independence places us in a unique position in the industry as we have the flexibility to work directly with all major insulation manufacturers, sourcing the optimal solutions for our customers at the most cost effective price. We take pride in our passion and scrupulous compliance with buildings regulations and BS6229.


Meet our Management Team

Bill King – Managing Director

With over 40 years in the industry, Bill’s technical knowledge and design skill are the very foundations from which CTF was built. Bill’s career started with his apprentice draughtsman training in Building Design, Structure and Construction. He moved from this to a draughtsman position in a Roofing & Cladding company before heading into the insulation industry. Bill quickly realised working for another was not for him so became self employed as a freelance roof insulation draughtsman, providing a design only service for nearly 20 years. Industry changes and an expanding product choices contributed to his decision in 2012 to create a company that would design insulation systems for flat roofs and supply the materials to site. CTF Insulation has since grown from strength to strength, with stability and integrity at it’s core. Bill’s passion for technical design and technical knowledge make him the technical brain as well as the heart of the company. He forged an expanding and robust company while raising a family. CTF Insulation truly became a family business when his daughter Carolyn joined the business. 

Carolyn King Operations Director

Carolyn came into the company to “help out” in May 2015 and has been here ever since. Following the completion of her University degree, Carolyn worked out-with the construction industry for 3 years before joining CTF Insulation. Originally, she was tasked with supplier purchasing and purchase and sales ledger but as the company has grown, as did her expansive role at the Company. She has worked her way up to Operations Director and oversees all company operations. Carolyn has played a key role in CTF Insulation’s evolution and expansion and takes great pride in her work for the Company. 

Our Accreditations