CTF-04: PIR Bitumen Faced

CTF-04 is a flat or tapered PIR (polyisocyanurate) insulation board with glass tissue inner facing and bitumen glass tissue outer facing used in warm roof applications to create drainage falls under any fully bonded suitable bituminous waterproofing system. The product’s robust environmental credentials, high compressive strength and dimensional stability make this product ideal in a variety of applications.



  • Good thermal performance 
  • Standard stock item available 
  • Ease handling and installation


Technical Data


Reaction to fire Euroclass rating EN 13501 
Thermal conductivity 25-79mm  0.027W/m²K  EN 13163 
80-119mm  0.025W/m²K  EN 13163 
120+mm  0.024W/m²K  EN 13163 
Compressive strength  @10%c 150kpa  EN 826 
Vapour diffusion resistance μ NDP  NDP 
General board size 1200mm  1200mm  EN 13165 
1200mm  2400mm  EN 13165 
Board thickness 25mm-160mm  EN 13165 
Facing  Glass tissue inner  NDP  NDP 
Bitumen tissue outer  NDP  NDP 


  • Warm roofs (including green, blue & brown)
  • Fully bonded bituminous membrane systems