CTF-VIP: Vacuum Insulated Panel

CTF-VIP is a flat vacuum insulated panel, composed of an A1 calcium silicate core encapsulated with aluminium foil. CTF-VIP can be used in conjunction with other insulation products for use in both warm and inverted roof applications with any suitable waterproofing system. The CTF-VIP can also be incorporated into flooring and wall applications. Subject to design, the product’s robust environmental credentials, high compressive strength and dimensional stability make this product ideal for these applications.



  • Very high thermal performance 
  • Suitable for use in height restricted areas 
  • Ease handling and installation


Technical Data


Thermal conductivity Aged 0.007W/m²K EN 13163
Compressive strength  @10%c 186kpa EN 826
Vapour diffusion resistance μ 30-70 EN 13163
Length Up to 900mm NDP
Width  From 600-100mm NDP
Thickness From  10-50mm NDP
Resistance to chemicals Excellent NDP
Reaction to fire C-s1,d0 Combustible EN 13501


  • Warm roofs (including green, blue & brown) 
  • Inverted roofs (including green, blue & brown) 
  • Fully bonded