The Non-Combustible Solution for Roofing

Published – January 2024

At CTF Insulation, we have responded to the profound and significant changes in the market’s desire for non-combustible products in the roofing industry.

As a flat roof insulation specialist, we are constantly sourcing and developing optimal product solutions to meet and exceed client’s requirements and expectations. Our latest product solution is our CTF-Ultra VIP- A2 systems; an insulation system range combining various non-combustible individual CTF products to provide a complete non-combustible insulation system to meet any required specification and U Value for inverted and warm roof application.

Not only have we recently introduced the only Non-Combustible Vacuum Insulated Panel to the UK roofing market but have developed an entire roof system build up which is composed of non-combustible (A1 or A2) rated products. We have stepped beyond insulation only, with our system build up including non-combustible WFRL (water flow reducing layer) (for inverted roofs), non-combustible adhesive (for fully bonded warm roofs) and non-combustible decking and supports.

UK Building Regulations have established rigorous standards and guidelines for fire safety in roofing systems. Broof (t4) specifically assesses the external fire exposure resistance of roofs, focusing on their ability to withstand flame penetration and prevent the spread of fire. Compliance with Broof (t4) is an essential requirement in meeting the fire performance standards.

Our highly specialised technical design team comply with Broof (t4) on all our designs but we recognised that both combustible and non-combustible insulation materials can be used on a flat roof system and still achieve Broof (t4) regulations. At CTF Insulation, we see the future of our industry progressing in a regulatory direction for the flat roof insulation system itself to be truly non-combustible in every element. As a company, we take pride in our ambition and strive to stay ahead of the industry and it is this aspiration which brought us to our most recent product system development.

The introduction of our CTF-VIP-A2 (non-combustible vacuum insulated panel) to the UK roofing market has been revolutionary. We now no longer need to compromise the overall thickness of an insulation system to achieve the desired U value as well as conforming to non-combustible requirements.

With our CTF-Ultra VIP-A2 systems, we can do it all.